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Welcome to Mansa Consulting,

Your Strategic Partner for Navigating the Future. Discover Tailored Solutions in Legal, Accounting, Regulatory, and Compliance Aspects for your Tech Venture





Welcome to Mansa Consulting ,

Welcome To Mansa Consulting,

where Innovation meets Expertise!

Who We Are

Mansa Consulting works at the leading edge of ever evolving landscape of Digitization, Blockchain, Web2, Web3, Digital Assets, Tokenization, Fintech, Artificial intelligence, Edutech, E-commerce, Real Estate and more to provide tailored solutions to innovators and investors navigate legal framework, regulatory complexities, financial operations and fund raising opportunities.

Holistically designed tailored solution

Crafting personalized solution that align your goals

Timely Delivery of Commitment

Helping you meet deadlines and speedy redressal of your grievances

Value for Money

High value service at budget friendly rates ensuring low cash burn

Goal Orientation

Investing in your long term growth story and supporting you throughout your business journey

With our industry expertise and dedication to client success, we empower our clients to navigate complex challenges, seize growth opportunities, and build sustainable businesses while allowing them to focus on innovation and growth.

Empower your journey with expert guidance and drive success in
innovation-driven industries with Mansa.

Empower your journey with expert guidance and drive success in innovation-driven industries with Mansa.

Our Services

Corporate Structuring & Entity Set up

Across the globe including US, BVI, UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore, Delaware, Cayman Islands & more

Legal advisory & Contract Drafting

Including SAFE/SAFT, Co- founders's Agreement, Grants & Integration Agreement etc


Filings across different jurisdictions, Accounting,/Book- keeping

Compliance Management & Regulatory Governance

Compliance Management Strategies & Audits, Adherence to industry standards

Fund Raising & Transaction Advisory

Leverage our network to secure funding, negotiate terms, maximize value and token listing


Tax compliance, Tax planning strategies & minimizing tax liability


Cashflow optimization, liquidity management, risk mitigation

Financial Operations

Banking Support, Payments Support, Vendor/Contractor Payment Support, HR/Payroll, On-off ramping support

Team Members​

Our core team at Mansa Consulting comprises seasoned and qualified professionals with extensive experience in legal, finance and accounting, all united by our passion for supporting startups and companies in their growth journey.

CS Mihir Purohit, LLB

Founder & Chief Legal Officer

Megha Hemdev Purohit

Co-Founder & CEO

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07, Vishnu Bhuvan, Ground Floor, CP Tank, Charni road, Mumbai, 400004

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